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Friday • April 13


Further Thought: “As we near the close of this world’s history, the prophecies recorded by Daniel demand our special attention, as they relate to the very time in which we are living. With them should be linked the teachings of the last book of the New Testament Scriptures. Satan has led many to believe that the prophetic portions of the writings of Daniel and of John the revelator cannot be understood. But the promise is plain that special blessing will accompany the study of these prophecies. ‘The wise shall understand’ [Dan. 12:10], was spoken of the visions of Daniel that were to be unsealed in the latter days; and of the revelation that Christ gave to His servant John for the guidance of God’s people all through the centuries, the promise is, ‘Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein.’ Revelation 1:3”. — Ellen G. White, Prophets and Kings, pp. 547, 548.


Though we tend to look at the book of Daniel in the context of the rise and fall of nations, the judgment (Dan. 7:22, 26; 8:14), and the final deliverance of God’s people in the time of trouble (Dan. 12:1), we saw this week that the book of Daniel also can give us examples of what it means for us individually to be prepared for trials and persecution, whenever they come. In this sense, these stories present us with crucially important messages in the last days. After all, however helpful it may be to know about the “mark of the beast” and the “time of trouble” and upcoming persecution, if we haven’t had the kind of experience with God that we need, all this knowledge will only condemn us. More than anything else, we need the “born again” experience that Daniel and the others, including Nebuchadnezzar, had.

Discussion Questions:


Read Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9:3-19. How does this prayer show that Daniel understood grace, and that God loves and redeems us out of His own graciousness, as opposed to any merit or goodness on our own part? Why is this a truth so important not just to understand but to experience?

In class, discuss the challenges that the three Hebrews (Daniel 3) and Daniel (Daniel 6) faced in regard to standing up when their religious practices were threatened by political authorities. What similarities do you find in the two accounts? What differences? And what can we learn from both accounts about how we can be powerful witnesses by being faithful?

What does it mean to be “born again”? Why would Jesus say that we “must be born again” (John 3:7)?


Inside Story~


Hawaiian Wedding, Part 2

By Benjie Leach


The bride’s father escorted his daughter, now smiling, to the front of the crowd. The groom played a guitar and sang “The Hawaiian Wedding Song”.


The Lord gave me a few things to say, and I pronounced the couple husband and wife.


Afterward, the groom’s mother said something to me that still sends chills up and down my spine.


“I don’t think this was an accident”, she said. “I think this was meant to happen. Look at your shirt”.


I looked down at my clothing. I was wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and a powder-blue shirt. Stitched over the shirt’s pocket was the word, “Hawaii”, and a colorful rainbow. I had bought the shirt while vacationing with my wife in Hawaii several years earlier.


When they put the lei around my neck, it was as if my participation in the wedding had been meant to happen.


We gave the newlyweds a wedding gift: a copy of “Steps to Christ”. The couple had never heard of Seventh-day Adventists.


If the story had ended there, I would have been happy. But it didn’t.


Two years later, I was living in Texas and received an early Sabbath morning phone call from a veteran literature evangelist in Colorado.


“Do you remember that couple who you married in Rocky Mountain National Park?” he said.


He said the couple had read “Steps to Christ” and reached out to the Adventist Church for more information. “So, we sent them more literature”, he said. “Then they wanted Bible studies, and I’ve been studying the Bible with them for the last six months. You’ll be happy to know that today they are being baptized into the Greeley Seventh-day Adventist Church”.


Two more years passed. Campion Academy invited me to return to give a week of prayer. As I stood up to give the Sabbath sermon, I saw the literature evangelist walk in with the married couple and their toddler.


After the church service, they told me the rest of the story.


After being baptized, the couple had invited their friends to evangelistic meetings in the Greeley church, and three of them had been baptized. In addition, the groom’s mother had been baptized and was working at an Adventist hospital in Hawaii.


I hadn’t wanted to stop that day to argue with people in white robes. But the Lord was able to use a few academy students and a guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt to witness.

Benjie Leach is a volunteer home health chaplain in Fort Worth, Texas.


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