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The Philippines

Posted by gerald grable on November 29, 2013 at 7:55 PM

Dear brother Gerald,

Grace and peace of God be unto you always!  by God's mercy, we and our place were spared and okay though we experienced threatened by storms but after we made earnest supplications to our God, dark clouds disappeared. During storm I visited a paralized man. He was a hitman 10 years ago  killing drug pushers and criminal. He was shot also by his companion hitmans due to the command by their high government officials recruiter. He was declared 6 mins dead but before he was unconscious he call God to sustain him. God did. but he still remain in total paralized afterwards. His wife leave him and so he struggle in life and murmuring against the Lord for his situation and continue his vices. One day his friend and companion of doing evil things visit him and he was surprised to see the big changes of his friend. He found out that his friend is now worshiping God and find comfort and support from our God. Still he can't catch the gospel message till one time he saw his previous life and present life in comparison through vision and he see his friend's life to be desired of. He call God right then and ask His "Lord, change me for I can't do it." Surprisingly, now he can stand against temptations one by one. He is doing right now ministry sending out bible text each day, in Facebook, and sending Christian books out there especially with physical defects. Now he is asking me more Bibles, Tagalog, English, and Cebuano. His Urinary tract got infected right now and he is constantly in pain. He can't appeal our government to support his medical needs since he might be traced and be killed and his family. Any support  200 USD for this man is a great help. He is in catheter since he can't urinate at all. I am trying also to organize a welfare department in our church here. I am praying at present for Lord's guidance.

Also, the Lord use 1 woman to support my radio program. I have two radio program I am broadcasting 1 hour daily each radio station that is 2 hours a day 7 days a week. Praise God! Any support for our radio work here is great help. 

Also, the work here is in need of translators for SAbbath school lesson quarterly which the translated materials will be sending out to other poor & able churches which in turn able churches may support financially for our translators. The translators will be making literatures to help the church to work and win souls for Christ on a regular basis.

That's all for now, May God bless and keep us always!

Joseph Brian

P.S. the picture is Marlon Roa, the hitman, now a soldier of Christ Jesus. "If those Christians will not do evangelism, they are more paralyzed than me" he said.

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