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What we've been given to help see us through.

Posted by gerald grable on October 8, 2011 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

                                                     OUR GIFT OF LOVE


One of our dearest treasures shares the Gift of Love with not only those whom deserve, but with those whom you deem undeserving.  You will find that as Jesus taught, those people would be they whom are in most need.  Let your love, a Gift from God, place mercy in your heart as well as forgiveness.


For all we are is in the love given us.  For our brothers and sisters, in our Father’s eyes, all are deserving.  For love is one of our biggest gifts.  Without, there could be and would be no Light to see.  For if all we had was love for one another, we surely would have everything.


Love would keep us from sinning.  Love would keep us in faith.  Love would keep us in truth, mercy and forgiveness and Heaven’s and our Father’s grace.  Jesus’ love for us surely would not be in vain.  Let us learn to use our precious Gift of Love to help prepare the way to the Resurrection and Heaven’s Gates.


Let us all take full charge of this Gift for, I say, with this we can bring many brothers and sisters to our Father, bring many to the Light and many home.  Praise our Father for the love He so freely gives to us all.  Praise to Jesus and the Holy Ghost and for the plan of salvation.


Jerry Grable October 2005


Just a Guy Listening to Music with His Dog

Posted by David on May 22, 2011 at 4:03 AM Comments comments (1)


I just discovered Freedom likes Stevie Nicks and Bach's Mass in B Minor. My taste in music seems to be the same as a 4 year old Pug. I can only hope that my thoughts are more "mature".

I understand this website is dedicated to Scripture and Biblical truth. How do i separate these from the events we find ourselves in? When I seek the Truth, how can I ignore this nation's government adds 186 million dollars every hour to our debt.

The only way we can meet the needs of the world is through our own success. We, our nation has and will be the light of the world. With our support we shall continue to support our allies

Israel, shall be sustained. Until the end of this universe.

Thank you